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December 27th, 2016
"Trolls" happen and it's best not to feed them. Nothing they do will ever make their disinformation or lies true. If you see "copy cat" pages pop up it isn't us.

American Indian Movement, Ancient Trees Press and United Urban Warrior Urban Society of Florida Present

Do Something Right for Once No. 5  

In Response to the City of St. Augustine 450th Commemoration
Schedule is To Be Announced

Possible activities include:
The American Indian Movement of Florida, Ancient Trees, United Urban Warrior Society of Florida, and others will encircle Castillo de San Marcos and walk unified in purpose to the City of
St. Augustine?s City Hall where we will be available to meet and speak to the press and public.

  Encircling the Castillo de San Marcos (Fort) with a unified vision that the Fort will be removed releasing the traumatic ills of the past, and trapped ancestral spirits behind the walls of the Fort. This will also assist in the release of conscious and unconscious guilt and shame felt by many who understand what really happed at the Fort and around the entire City of St. Augustine and beyond. This is just a small beginning - A small step towards Respect and Healing of the Nations. Writing more history books, putting up monuments and creating gala affairs around murders and genocide will never remove the pain and suffering. The Cause must be removed.


Healing of the Nations ? Remove the Fort. Learn to Respect the Original People of this Continent (Turtle Island).
Remove Spanish War Criminals Juan Ponce de Leon and Pedro Menendez from the City of St. Augustine 450th Commemoration. Dead Murderers should not be in parades and sitting at gala affairs.
Scale the 450th Commemoration down to a realistic goal that will not bankrupt the City. Stop spending taxpayers? money that is benefiting only a few.
Cities across this continent are going bankrupt, and Spain?s economy is in turmoil. How can the City of St. Augustine possibly justify what you are planning?
Inform Mayor Boles that he must learn to speak the truth, and he must learn to respect Aboriginal Indigenous People ? the Original People of this continent ? Turtle Island.
The City of St. Augustine should be focusing the events to promote healing not only for the People, but also the environment. We cannot live without clean Air and clean Water. Our future generations and the vanishing Wildlife need green space to survive.

Contact Information: American Indian Movement of Florida - Ruby A. Beaulieu, Executive Director.
Ancient Trees, Shannon Larsen, Co-Founder, [email protected] - 904-654-0200

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URGENT! Take Action to stop glorifying the mass murderer Ponce De Leon!

URGENT!! We only have a few weeks to defeat this ridiculous idea.

Please don't let Ponce get credit for "discovering" Florida. Please email the addresses right away. This is important. Thank you.


This is very URGENT! Don't let them glorify the name of a genocidal, rapist, killer conquistador. Ponce de leon doesn't deserve to be praised and glorified. His name belongs no where on our Sacred Land. Other people that did the same things he did (Hitler comes to mind) don't get their names attached to beautiful natural lands of their victims. How would "Hitler Avenue" go over in a place like Jerusalem? ... NOT VERY WELL!

~Shea --------------------------------------->


Florida attempting to rename a Barrier Island after Ponce De Leon, because he "discovered" Florida. PLEASE Email- James Anderson and ask to name the Island after the AIS Indians that originally inhabited the Island. *** Please Re-Post***


Mr. James R. Anderson

Florida State Board on Geographic Names


Florida State University

Tallahassee, FL 32306-2641

E-mail: [email protected]


More Names that we need to Email:


I strongly OPPOSE the naming of the Brevard County Barrier Island for the conquistador Ponce de Leon.

Thank you, (your name, and the town in which you live) "


Send it to - Lou Yost - Executive Secretary, U.S. Board on Geographic Names

His e-mail is - [email protected]


The Brevard County Commission

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]


Chi Miigwech!

Thank you to everyone that showed up and helped with the chasco protest!